This is a list of some of our favorite books. Where noted, we have had the pleasure of working with the author on them, either via proofing, editing, or critique services.

EvadereAnna is shocked when she discovers who Emry really is, the forces of evil supporting him and how the temptations in paradise have been misleading them both.

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Gypsy_BookCover_450x675The world of magic is turned upside down when the High Priestess is murdered and her only daughter and heir, Ivy Tessara, is forced to give up the magic in order to save her own life.

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Gypsy_BookCover_450x675Travel down roads most women would never dare. Delve into the lost and found of life’s trials and tribulations by ‘Going Nowhere Fast’.

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The Bravest of Souls by Robert W. Oliver IINiv’leana’s serene life in the beautiful Jeweled Woods is turned upside down when an unexpected visitor informs her that she possesses great power. Now nearing adulthood, she is invited to return to her ancestral home and join the magical order of the Ael’Shanar. Along the way, Niv is forced to watch helplessly as her evil cousin, Vorea, brutally seizes control of the ancient order.

Rebirth by Robert W. Oliver IIThe epic fantasy series continues the story of a young woman’s discovery of her magical heritage and her struggle to lead a ancient matriarchal society through coming change. She paid a terrible price for her victory over Vorea’s cruelty, and seeks to undo the damage caused by her desperate magical bargain. Along the way, a mysterious man offers her hospitality for the night, setting into motion a chain of events that threatens to undo everything she has worked so hard to achieve.

Game On by Renee ClevelandGet a better understanding of who men really are and how we as women can tap into the ‘mancave’ and discover that hidden side for ourselves. Game On is about personal growth, and it’s about the journey we all take when trying to find our perfect person. It is filled with true stories that will make you laugh and cry.

Solace - Book 3, by Sara V. ZookThey’ve been hunted, seen those around them murdered and still don’t know who to blame or who to trust. In a world where Anna is considered just a human, can peace be achieved between those inhabiting Evadere and those cast out and left for dead?

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Strange in Skin - Sara V. ZookFrom the moment Anna James meets the strange prisoner Emry Logan, she becomes instantly obsessed.

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Loverboy by Trista JaszczakCharlotte Murphy escapes from the ruthless serial rapist and killer, Loverboy. Somehow, despite the odds, Charlie finds a refuge in officer Nick Andrews and in his arms she finds the strength to heal and the courage to move on with life.

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This tale of two cities connected by a thread of perversity and a pair of evil pedophiles puts Cole Sage’s investigative skills to the test and his loyalty to friends above the law.

Cole Sage inherits a small farm in Oklahoma and learns about his grandfather. Who was tormented by alcohol, racism, the ravages of the Dust Bowl, and an addiction to gambling. Can Cole unlock a secret hidden away for fifty years? If so it could change his life forever.

An open challenge to Cole Sage brings the journalist and a terrorist face to face in what could be the last interview for both. Cole finds a chance at love when he’s thrown together with a beautiful FBI agent, but can their love survive the threat of a dirty bomb and the manifesto of a madman?

Cole Sage is stunned to receive a one line cry for help from his one great love. Beaten, bloody but determined, Cole conquers greed and hatred with a strength that only will as hard as diamonds can achieve.

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Twenty year old Jenna Clausen has one chance to change her life, and she is going to take it.

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