Interview with Christine Brae



Hello and Welcome to all of you. I am so excited to get this site up and running; Matti and I have worked quite a while in preparation for this day. In the fuss and mess I ran out of time to meet all my obligations. Therefore I called upon my friend Ambjour Criss to help me out. She reads more than me and that says a lot about her credentials. Anyway please welcome my friend Ambjour. Thank you again for stopping by. Hang around and enter the drawing for free e-books. Enjoy, Kathy Anderson.

Hello, I am Ambjour. Kathy asked me to read the “Light In The Wound” by Christine Brae and give her some questions to ask the author. She told me only that I would love the book and she needed help with this page. I was skeptical but once I read the book I was all about it!

So, today we welcome Christine Brae Author of the book “The Light In The Wound.” A true love story told by an amazing writer in the most heart wrenching way.  It is the story of three beautiful people caught in a love triangle that shatters hearts and wounds souls.

This story broke me apart and rebuilt me so many times I was unable to forget it for days. Even now I want more although the story is a stand alone, I want more of Isa, Alex and Jesse. I believe every one needs to read this book.

Now, I would like to thank you Christine for allowing me to interview you.

Thank you Ambjour, it’s nice to be here. I would also like to thank Kathy at Klassy Editing for inviting me to stop by for a visit. What an honor to be one of your very first featured authors!

1.1.1.      Will you tell us please what author or authors have inspired you to write this           book, or to begin writing at all?

Sure! I’ve always loved to write even as a child – poems and essays, mostly. In the past year I had the privilege of meeting many Indie authors who have since then become close friends. Through their encouragement and support, I was able to gather up enough guts to put my thoughts and feelings on paper and write an entire book!

1.1.2.      So how did you come to write this story?

This story is very personal to me. I thought that it would be a good thing for me to write about the emotions and reactions to loving someone. Many women have experienced similar feelings at some point in their lives. Love and the emotions that come with it is universal, getting these thoughts and feelings on paper is the tough part. I wanted to share this experience with the world.

1.1.3.      I love the sister’s relationships in the book and I know you have sisters! Is there     anything in the book that reflects your relationships with your sisters?

I do have sisters! And they are strong willed and flawed and loving and kind as the sisters in the book. Each character embodies the essence of each of my sisters. I wanted to honor their role in my life in this way.


1.1.1.      Why did you decide Isabel would live with someone other than where her sisters   were and why did she never formed a relationship with her father?

I didn’t really decide this – I wrote it like it is. To make something up like this would have been very difficult to conceptualize and articulate. Isabel had her grandfather to make up for her lack of a relationship with a male role model.

1.1.2.      Did you know before writing the book which man Isabel would end up with at      the end of “The Light In The Wound” or did you decide during the writing    process?

Great question! I allowed the voices and the characters in my head to lead me to the eventual and most fitting ending for the book. The way that the characters developed and grew and matured led to the most logical end; given the lessons that they learned along the way.

1.1.3.      You did an amazing job of portraying Jesse’ angst the night before Isabel’s wedding! Did you get a male’s perspective or did you think of it all on your own?

Jesse actually told me everything years later, as we are in a bar having a drink…. (winks)

1.1.4.       Is there any significance with the #7 for you?  Seven was the number of years       Isa and Jesse had together. Then Alex took her on a special vacation on their 7th             anniversary. Was this a random choice of a number is does it mean something  special to you personally?

I’m going to tell you a little secret. The number seven is the number seven   (tongue in cheek)

1.1.5.      Are there any plans to write about any or all of the sisters?

No plans! My sisters are already being stopped by their co-workers and friends for scoop on their lives and what really happened. So I think I’m going to leave them alone to live their lives in private now that I’ve already blown it open by divulging those things in the first book! My poor sisters had no clue….

1.1.6.      What are your future writing plans/goals?

Well, as you know, His Wounded Light which is the second and last book about Jesse, Isa and Alex releases on December 10. After that, who knows? I am writing another completely different book but won’t plan on any release dates until mid 2014.

1.1.7.      Do you have a teaser from His Wounded Light? Please…yes I’m whining….

Head on over to my Facebook Page! We’re going to be posting teasers every Friday until release day!

1.1.1.      Please tell us where people can buy your next great book! (She giggles at my          enthusiasm!)

My book is currently available on Amazon but will be available on  Smashwords, Nook and Kobo pretty soon. As I mentioned earlier, “His Wounded Light” releases on December 10. I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Well, Christine, I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the opportunity to interview you! This is has been an exciting adventure for me.

THANK YOU so much for having me today. These were such great questions!